Install Downloader App on The Firestick

  1. From the Device’s Main Menu scroll to hover over Settings

2. Click My Fire TV

3.  Choose Developer Options

  •  Click Apps from Unknown Sources

5. Choose Turn On

NOTE: Turning on Unknown Sources is not needed to install Downloader. However, to install any 3rd party applications via Downloader, this must be enabled.

6. Return to the home screen and hover over the Search icon

7. Type in Downloader

8. Select the Downloader app

9. Click Download

10. Click Open

11. Click Allow

12. Click OK

That’s it!

You can now use Downloader to Install apps and APKS with ease.

How to Install Applications Using the Downloader App.

The Downloader Apps works in two ways. You can side-load apps via the Home address bar or click Browser to open a Web Browser.

Shown below is a screenshot of the Downloader App’s Web Browser function.

This works well when downloading a file from a web page. The mouse within this application works fabulously with both the Firestick and Fire TV.

If you need to install an APK from a web-page without a direct link, you can click with ease.

This example shows TVZion which will then begin the installation process of downloading an APK.

If you know the direct download link of the file you are looking for, the Browser Tab is not needed and you can install directly from the Home page.

The instance below shows a direct link to the Kodi download:

The file will automatically begin to download:

You can then begin the installation process of your intended APK or app.

Other Features – Downloader App

One of the best features the Downloader App provides is its Favorites Tab that works just like that on your Computer Browser.

If you frequently visit a webpage to install or update APK’s, this is a perfect place to do so.

Using the Downloader App is breeze, mainly in part because it is fully functional without a mouse or keyboard.

Shown below is the controls for all buttons on your Firestick or Fire TV remote:

While all the above are great aspects of this application, the best is that Downloader is 100% ad-free.

powerTVstream uses the Downloader App in nearly all installation tutorials. Because of its easy to use interface and quick installation process, it is listed as one of the Best Apps for Firestick.


powerTVstream does not verify the legality or security of any applications or services covered on this Website.

You should always use a VPN in conjunction with free or low-cost streaming solutions to protect your identity and security.

Your Internet Service provider, government, app/addon developers, and hackers can log your online activity through your visible IP Address and location.

A VPN will encrypt your connection to the Internet and mask your IP address so you will remain 100% anonymous while online.